Build a New Tourist Icon of the Weaving Village in the Baubau City

August 2, 2018

Woven fabric is one of the works of the Indonesian people that has been recognised by the world community and also confirmed by the United Nations (UN) as one of the non-world cultural heritage. One of the prima donna for Indonesian woven fabrics, which are from Southeast Sulawesi (Southeast Sulawesi). In 2017, the government of South Konawe District (Konsel) in Southeast Sulawesi has determined three motifs of local woven fabrics, namely Kalo Sara, Lima Horned Jonga and Sago Tree. Each motive has a philosophical content of local cultural wisdom of the ancestors of each region.

In Southeast Sulawesi precisely in Buton Regency, there is the village of Sula’a which is one of the oldest weaving villages since the 14th century. In this village we can find many women weavers, stretches of colourful woven fabrics, as well as traditional Sultra houses (Banua Tada) throughout the village, making it a unique attraction. In this village, the residents are very friendly to welcome tourists both domestic and foreign. Smiles, greetings and chats are ready to welcome warmly around the godegode which is a space under the residents’ house.

The Colourful Weaving Village

Seeing the potential of woven fabrics in the region as well as supporting government programs in the tourism sector, Pacific Paint is a pioneer of paint companies in Indonesia that produces paint with very comprehensive coverage including end product protection and paint-related chemicals, at the end of June 2018 through the program Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) inaugurated the Colourful Color Weaving Village in Sula’a Village, Buton District, Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi.

konferensi pers kampung tenun warna warni

Peresmian kampung tenun warna warni

kampung tenun baubau

The opening of Colorful Paint Weaving Village by Pacific Paint was also attended by Sultan Buton from H. LM Izat Manarfa and (Pj) Mayor of Baubau Dr Ir Hado Hasina MT. Pacific Paint hopes that through this CSR activity can help preserve the original culture of Buton while promoting the Color Warni Weaving Village as a new tourist destination in the City of Baubau.


sudut kampung tenun baubau

mural kampung tenun warna warni

This activity includes the provision of new colours for 107 Banua Tada Malige traditional houses which are equipped with woven motifs and 50 murals and painting 60 fishing boats. This painting, which is a celebration series of 75 years of Pacific Paint, takes up to two months, using brilliant colours Metrolite (wall paint) and Glotex (wood and iron paint) which are excellent products of Pacific Paint. Total during the process, Pacific Paint provides 3,435 litres of Glotex to paint traditional houses and roofs, 160 cans of Glotex for painting fishing boats, as well as 700 gallons of Metrolite for walls and fences.

pantai kampung tenun baubau

kampung tenun baubau penuh warna

rumah adat kampung tenun warna warni

Banua Tada traditional house is made of wood arranged in a locking system so that it does not require nails in its manufacture. Wood materials in Banua Tada are suitable for painting using Glotex, Pacific Paint’s quality wood paint and have been tested for durability. As for mural creations, it is done using Metrolite paint which has many colour choices and is weather resistant.

New Tourism Icon in Indonesia

The presence of the Colorful War Woven Village initiated by Pacific Paint has now made it a new tourist icon in Indonesia. Tourists will experience a complete travel experience, from getting knowledge about the history of woven fabrics in Indonesia, fishing, enjoying the scenery of the beach, taking pictures at traditional houses and in front of unique murals. Various murals were done by seven muralist people who were flown directly from Jakarta, depicting people weaving, typical Buton sarongs, fishers, dancers using Buton sarongs, sea tours, and children’s favourite cartoons.

ikon wisata baru kampung tenun baubau

kampung tenun baubau ikon wisata

Its feels some things have been missing when travelling without buying souvenirs. Do not miss to shop for woven fabrics with typical motifs that are sold quite affordable starting from IDR 150,000. The woven fabric made using traditional looms is done directly by the weavers at the bottom of the traditional house Banua Tada.

Let’s take a trip to Baubau City to achieve colourful inspiration from woven fabric and of course Metrolite and Glotex paint from Pacific Paint in Colorful Color Weaving Village so that it will make the holiday more beautiful. Don’t forget to take a photo in front of a variety of creative murals that fascinate and share the beauty, joy and happiness through social media so that all people in Indonesia can enjoy the diversity of colours and increase tourist visits to Southeast Sulawesi.

Enjoy visiting. Salam warna warni!

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