Muarareja Beach in Tegal City is Now More Beautiful and Colorful

September 26, 2019

Indonesia is a country that has a lot of beach attractions scattered in various regions. The beach is one of the favorite tourist destinations that offers stunning natural beauty, white sand, waves, and cool winds. Seeing the potential of beach tourism, Pacific Paint as a pioneer of paint companies in Indonesia, which presents a variety of paint products, wants to realize its commitment to increase the appeal of the community, including tourists and provide the beauty of color in one of the cities in Indonesia, namely Tegal.

The Pacific Paint for the first time held the Tegal Bahari Festival on Muarareja Beach. The series of Tegal Bahari Festival activities include organizing tournaments such as futsal, badminton, boat decoration, birdsong competition, Mister & Miss Maritime Contest, children’s fashion show and karaoke. In addition, Pacific Paint is also renovating, constructing new buildings, and painting using quality products such as Metrolite Acrylic Emulsion, Metrolite Waterproofing and Glotex Super Synthetic Paint starting from the main gate, mosque, toilets, multipurpose stage, adding murals depicting wealth Indonesia’s nature especially under the sea. To inaugurate the renovation and colorful painting program of Muarareja Beach on Sunday, September 8, 2019, Mr. H. Dedy Yon Supriyono, S.E., M.M. as Mayor of Tegal City will be present accompanied by Ricky Soesanto, Corporate Head of Marketing Pacific Paint and representatives from Muara Indah Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis).

Pantai Muarareja Tegal

“Muarareja Beach is one of the tourist destinations in the city of Tegal which has a beauty no less than other beaches. The Tegal Bahari Festival is a form of Pacific Paint’s support for Tegal City residents to be able to increase tourist visits and channel community talent, “said Ricky Soesanto, Pacific Paint’s Corporate Head of Marketing.

Walikota Peresmian Pantai Muararejo

The Tegal Bahari Festival which is a renovation and painting program at Muarareja Beach is fully supported by the Tegal City Government and the Muara Indah Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) which has been underway since May 2019. Various competitions have been held since July 2019 and the announcement and award of prizes conducted on September 8, 2019 to coincide with the inauguration of Muarareja Beach which has been completed given a new colorful beauty.


Mural pantai muarareja

The visitors either domestic tourists or foreign tourists now besides being able to enjoy the beauty of the beach, there are also hundreds of lesehan food stalls with typical Tegal culinary menus that are ready to spoil the tongue. Enjoy culinary and spend time with family and relatives along the beach with a cool atmosphere because of the many pine trees.

Pantai Muarareja Indah dengan Mural

“As a form of concern and awareness of corporate social responsibility, through this activity it is expected that all people of Tegal City and visiting tourists can enjoy the natural beauty and new colors that are very attractive and beautiful. Tegal culinary and souvenir merchants can also enjoy an increase in income, “concluded Ricky.

Let’s enter Muarareja Beach in Tegal City in the list of your travel destinations with your family.

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