Pacific Paint Holds a Religious Festival for the First Time

October 8, 2019

Indonesia is known as a plural society, reflected by the motto of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika which means Unity in Diversity. The diversity in Indonesia consists of diversity of ethnic groups, cultures, religions, races, and languages. Indonesian people also have a variety of choices in their lives, one of which is when choosing colors for residential and other buildings related to daily life. Pacific Paint as a pioneer of paint companies in Indonesia that presents a variety of paint products, wants to realize its commitment in providing the beauty of color for every community through the initiation of the organization of the Religious Festival and the revitalization program of Sirnarasa Islamic Boarding School.

Tasikmalaya Wisata Religi

Ribbon cutting ceremony as a sign of the start of the Religious Festival

“We see Sirnarasa Islamic Boarding School as a center for education and religious tourism in Ciamis, and have succeeded in producing hundreds of generations of Islamic and national figures who are not only armed with religious knowledge, but also general knowledge through formal educational institutions. Armed with the desire to help the nation’s next generation, we initiated the Religious Festival and the revitalization program for the first time organized by Pacific Paint with Sirnarasa Islamic Boarding School as a form of awareness and awareness of corporate social responsibility, “said Ricky Soesanto, Head of Marketing of Pacific Paint.

After fasting during Ramadan and celebrating Eid al-Fitr 1440 H, Pacific Paint held a Religious Festival in the Sirnarasa Islamic Boarding School for two days, 12-13 June 2019. The festivities of the Religious Festival began with an arts and cultural carnival by displaying various local wisdom such as Tasikmalaya’s typical food bazaar, handicrafts and agricultural products. The Religious Festival illustrates the diversity of traditional Islamic culture and community based art that is packaged in a modern way as an effort to innovate in conveying Islamic symbols.

pembuatan wisata religi

One side of the wall at Sirnarasa Islamic Boarding School has been made with Islamic-themed murals

Another activity initiated was the Sirnarasa Islamic Boarding School revitalization program. Pacific Paint did painting the male and female dormitory building, all classes used for Madrasah Aliyah (Islamic Senior High School), making murals with Islamic-themed pictures, giving information boards about the Islamic order and direction boards for public facilities inside the Islamic Boarding School. The painting uses brilliant colors of Metrolite and Jatilux wall paints and Glotex (wood and iron paint) which are Pacific Paint’s superior products. Painting takes one month to spend more than 3,000 liters of paint.

pesantren wisata religi

Some school buildings and dormitories are included in the revitalization program

Welcoming the initiation of Pacific Paint, Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Saefulloh Maslul Al Qodri QS (Abah Aos), as the Leader of Sirnarasa Islamic Boarding School said, “We welcome very enthusiastic and thank Pacific Paint for initiating the organization of the Religious Festival and revitalizing the Sirnarasa Islamic Boarding School. which became one of the biggest events in Ciamis. It is an honor for me to represent the boarding school here, which always hopes to improve facilities and infrastructure in the teaching and learning process and its development. Through this revitalization program, I hope that in the future there will be an increase in the quality of education in Islamic boarding schools.”

peresmian wisata religi

Inauguration of Sirnarasa Islamic Boarding School revitalization program

Activities to provide new colors in public facilities, tourist attractions, educational facilities and others certainly will not stop here, Pacific Paint is committed to continue to provide beautiful colors in Indonesia through corporate CSR programs or in collaboration with government and private agencies. “Through the holding of the Religious Festival and the revitalization of boarding and school facilities, Pacific Paint hopes that Sirnarasa Islamic Boarding School is able to continue to produce reliable and religious generations,” concluded Ricky.

Regards colorful!

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