Presenting Rainbows in the Beautiful Eyes of Jakarta People

August 31, 2018

The raindrops and changes the presence of the rainbow light in the blue sky like a natural painting. The beauty of the red, orange, yellow to purple emission that is admired by kids and elders is very spoiled.

Have you ever imagined, there are people closest to us who can no longer see the beauty of the rainbow because they have a disturbance in their vision?

Based on the results of the blind assessment of avoidable blindness (RAAB) blindness survey conducted by the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (PERDAMI) and the Health Research and Development Agency (Litbangkes) for the period 2014-2016 in 15 provinces in the population above 50 years of age showed a prevalence of blindness of 3 %. The main causes of blindness in Indonesia are cataracts (7,080%), while the primary reason for visual impairment is refractive abnormalities (1,015%) *.

mata katarak

Patients with cataracts experience turbidity through the lens of the eye which causes light not to penetrate the retina so that the view is blurred. Seniors commonly suffer this disease, but it can also be experienced by babies born prematurely, including the influence of offspring or having had an accident or trauma.

CSR Operasi Katarak Gratis dari Pacific Paint
Mata untuk Warna oleh Pacific Paint bekerja sama dengan RSPAD Gatot Subroto

Following up on this data, Pacific Paint through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program collaborates with the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital team to hold community social activities namely conducting free cataract eye surgery “Eyes for Color” for 75 underprivileged patients in the Jakarta area. This activity is one form of consistency of Pacific Paint’s commitment to implementing the company’s vision and mission to colour Indonesia into various generations.

Through this free “Eye for Color” cataract eye surgery project, it is expected that recovered patients can enjoy the diversity of colours around them like a rainbow because the eyes are one of the five senses that can support daily activities. Let us maintain eye health for both ourselves and our closest relatives, so that life is more colourful and the future is more beautiful.

Salam warna warni!

*Source: http://www.depkes.go.id/article/view/17100400003/katarak-penyebab-utama-kebutaan-di-indonesia.html

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