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The Best Color for the House based on Feng Shui

October 8, 2019

Want to repaint the walls of your house but are confused in finding what color is suitable? Just follow the Feng Shui guidelines!

What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui in one sense is a systematic in Chinese belief, where each building and objects – including colors – are considered to have a certain character, and if combined with the character of objects or other elements, can have both psychological and physical effects. Feng Shui also involves the direction of the wind that is expected to create harmony in the house.

Then, what colors are right for the interior and exterior of the house according to Feng Shui?

Red and Pink

These two colors symbolize social status, life achievement, and relationships with partners. Red and white also reflect passionately and passionately so that it is good to be applied to homes facing south, southwest, and northeast.

Cat tembok merah-pink

The red interior can also appear calm

Yellow and Its Variants

Based on feng shui, the color yellow is the color of virtue, wisdom, and knowledge. Yellow and various derivative colors such as beige, terracotta, gold, are considered capable of maintaining stability and your relationship with your partner. The colors are predicted to be very good for houses facing northeast, west, southwest, and northwest.

cat exterior berdasar feng shui

A house with a stunning yellow exterior


White is good for houses facing west, northwest and north because they reflect light very well and are able to stimulate a positive aura from that direction. Applying white to the walls of the house is very good for increasing creativity and also suitable for those of you who have children.

warna cat tembok putih feng shui

The interior of the house is dominated by white paint


The blue color based on feng shui is able to invite many golden opportunities, increase prosperity, and provide support for careers both for yourself and family. Blue houses have many successes. This color is suitable for houses facing north, east and southeast.

cat tembok biru berdasar feng shui

The blue color is also beautiful for the exterior

Special color for the frame

In addition to paying attention to the color of wall paint, feng shui also suggests painting the frame with white, because white is rich in light and can blend with other colors. Choose dark colors only for the colors that match. Can also choose a tone that is darker than the color of the door or window.

warna putih cat kayu feng shui

How? Have you found the right color for your home? Hopefully this information is useful.

Regards Colorful!


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