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Black Room, No Need To Worry!

October 19, 2019

The black color is rarely chosen as a residential interior paint. Even if someone chooses, usually black color is only used as an accent or combination and is not used as a dominant color. Black image that is considered dark and gloomy may make homeowners reluctant to apply on the walls of their homes.

Actually black is a neutral color that can create the impression of elegance, modernity, or even industrial and monochrome style as is being sought by many millennials. But if you want to apply black on your dwelling, also pay attention to the color combination for furniture, decoration and decoration that will complement the contents of the house.

cat dinding hitam modern

Modern look of black color walls

Attractive appearance is certainly the hope of all homeowners. To get the desired black interior appearance of the house, apply black on the wall with a combination of bright colors like white, beige or beige, gray and other bright colors. In general, the combination of black and white color is most preferred because of the recent monochrome color trends.

For black and white combination can be through plain black paint on one side of the wall, and white on the other side. Put furniture or decorations that display one or both of these colors in the room, also pay attention to lighting sufficient to create the desired monochrome impression. You can also make black and white color combination motifs on the walls, but avoid motifs that are too crowded on furniture or decoration so that the room doesn’t seem cramped and full.

cat dinding kayu

The wooden walls are also pretty painted black

The combination of black with other colors can also be applied to the wall to make it more varied and there is a bright touch in the room. In addition, you can also combine the dominance of black on the walls with bright colors and wood accents on the ceiling and floor of the house. Add lights in the corner and some parts in the middle so that the impression of elegance and luxury will be created at home.

aksen cat dinding hitam

Combine matching using black color can certainly be applied throughout the room of the house, including the bedroom. To produce a more attractive appearance, use decorations or decorations in the room such as paintings, flowers and light sleepers. Decorating the bedroom in shades of black with other color combinations such as white will be able to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere so that your rest can be maximum and feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

Hopefully now you do not need to hesitate anymore to try to apply black wall paint in the dwelling. Also make sure to choose a quality wall paint product to get maximum results.

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