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5 Tips for Choosing Quality Wall Paint at Affordable Prices

September 27, 2019

Towards the end of the year it is often used as a moment to redecorate homes, including changing the color of wall paint and fences. Color changes in the room at home to make it more attractive and beautiful to look at, of course become the desire of the whole family, especially if without the need to drain a lot of expenses. One trick is to collect various information about the price of cheap but good wall paint before repainting the house.

The following Pacific Paint shares five tips that will help you choose a wall paint product so that the results are the way you want and without spending too much money:

Overall Costs

Of course the cost will be a major concern when deciding to decorate or repaint a room at home. You will definitely find information about the color to be chosen, the amount of paint needed and the estimated cost to be incurred. But is it true that it will save your expenses if only comparing the lowest prices of various paint products needed?

Make a total cost plan to paint the house, in addition to helping you save costs, but also the time needed to paint the house. Note the total price of painting needs to complete, buy paint with the amount that has been adjusted so that the needs will be used entirely.

harga cat tembok murah tapi bagus

Pay attention to the overall cost to get cheap but good wall paint prices.


Scattering Power of Paint

The total cost to paint a room is very dependent on the size of the room. To be able to get a good cost estimate, first calculate the area to be painted. The way to calculate the area that needs to be painted is as follows:

  1. Calculate the area of the wall using the formula:
    length x width of the room minus the area of windows and doors.
  2. To calculate the volume of paint needed, you can use the formula:
    the wall area is divided by two times the spread ability of paint (the spread ability information is printed on each package of paint produced by Pacific Paint).

harga cat tembok murah dan bagus

Choose the price of cheap but good wall paint with high spread ability


The spread ability is a major factor that is closely related to the amount of paint needed, so you can control the cost of purchasing paint and painting staff. The spread ability between interior and exterior paints is certainly different.

Cost Simulation

To be more easily understood in simulating the costs that will be required when buying wall paint, take for example the interior wall paint product Metrolite Acrylic Emulsion from Pacific Paint at a price (as of May 2018) Rp 102,500, – with a capacity of 3 liters, has a spread ability per liter/layer = 12 -13 m2.

If one room in your house is 6 meters long by 4 meters wide, then an area of 24 m2 is produced. The need for interior wall paint Metrolite Acrylic Emulsion for one layer of 2 liters (1 package).
Meanwhile, painting is done in two layers so that it takes 4 liters (2 packs). Based on the cost simulation, for one room in your house, a paint purchase fee of Rp 205,000 is needed. How to simulate these costs can be done for other rooms in the house.

Dry-to-Touch Time

In addition to the ability of the scatter produced by paint, other tips to consider are Dry-to-Touch Time. This is the time it takes for the paint to be touched without sticking to your finger after it has been applied to the wall or wall. It is important to pay attention to this aspect because with the short Dry-to-Touch Time, painters employed at home can continue their work without fearing that the newly applied wall paint will be damaged because it was accidentally touched.

cat tembok cepat kering

The faster Dry-to-Touch Time is produced, the faster the work is completed by the handyman, so that it will certainly save costs. For cheap but good wall paint prices with relatively fast Dry-to-Touch Time, Metrolite Acrylic Emulsion is the right choice for you.

Durable Paint Quality

The next quality paint that needs to be a concern in choosing wall paint is whether the paint is durable or not. If the paint that you apply quickly fades or peels, then you will have to spend more money to repaint. Of course this can lead to wasteful costs.

cat tembok murah tapi bagus metrolite

Get cheap but good and durable wall paint prices with Metrolite Paint.


When choosing paint, you need to know that the paint that will be purchased has a long-lasting warranty but still at an affordable price. Metrolite Acrylic Emulsion interior paint can be an option because it is a good quality product, long-lasting durable, has a 5-year warranty and affordable prices so you will enjoy the beauty of the color longer with your beloved family.

By knowing and applying the tips that have been explained above, you will not only get a beautiful and attractive room, but can also save the overall costs required. Yes, because you can now choose cheap but good wall paint prices without sacrificing quality. Continue to use Pacific Paint products.

Regards colorful!


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