Utilizing Furniture to decorate the Kitchen

October 8, 2019

Having a beautiful kitchen is the desire of all women, because in addition to a place to distribute the hobby of cooking or making cakes for yourself or family, this room can also be combined with the dining room. So that cooking and enjoying dishes can be comfortable and enjoyable, you need to arrange the kitchen so that it looks attractive even though the room is small and not equipped with a series of storage cabinets.

Define the Kitchen Theme

Tips dekorasi dapur

The kitchen which has a limited area can be transformed into beautiful with appropriate themes and designs. Start by checking and collecting kitchen furniture in the house, pay attention to the dominant color of the equipment, grouping the colors as a basis for kitchen themes, such as black and brown, although both are dark colors, but have a strong character so that in order to look prominently it can mix white as Wall paint. Put a few boards on the kitchen wall, put cooking utensils and add some plants in a small pot to sweeten the room. The kitchen also now looks different and appears natural impression of nature.

Minimalist But Looks Sweet

Dapur minimalis

The concept of minimalism is widely applied in dwellings in urban areas because of the limitations of the area of the house. The emergence of the term “Less Stuff More Happiness” becomes a new paradigm in modern society when choosing goods, furniture and decoration more towards multi functionality. Including when choosing kitchen furniture. The choice of white in cooking utensils can be combined with any colored kitchen wall paint let alone adjusting the minimalist theme. Provide shelves on white walls to place your dining and cooking utensils. In addition to being a storage area, the shelf can also be a wall decoration in the kitchen.

Mix and Match Harmonious Color

Warna serasi perabot dapur

Combining colors is not always only applied to clothing, but can also be used to arrange the kitchen to be in harmony with other home furniture. Especially for those of you who often have big family guests or close friends to eat together. Having tableware or kitchen equipment that is similar certainly gives its own satisfaction when arranging food dishes at the dinner table. Guests will feel very happy and appreciated for their presence.

You can arrange and place cooking and eating utensils according to the same color, so that not only looks neat but also makes the arrangement of kitchen utensils as part of the room decoration.


Tips Menata Perabot Dapur

Dekorasi Dapur minimalis modern

The key to having a pleasant kitchen is not only to rely on modern and expensive kitchen furniture, but it can be obtained from how you arrange the furniture so that it looks pleasing to the eye. Let’s rearrange your kitchen and dining room at home. Make the room radiate beauty and comfort.


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