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Unique and Attractive Pot for Ornamental Plants

October 8, 2019

Adding plant ornaments to beautify the corners of a room or yard can give a beautiful fresh feel and soothing the eyes. You do not need to spend too deep to prepare these plants, because you can use plants that are already in the yard or terrace and then prepare the container by utilizing used items or old items that are not used. The impression that arises besides being fresh, of course looks different and is very unique.

Woven bag that looks shabby can give the impression of antique and chic. You can put a few small flower pots in this bag, put it in one corner of the room in the house, violaaaaa ….. a new atmosphere will be felt there. To be brighter, woven bags can be painted according to their favorite colors.


Pot tanaman hias keranjang anyaman

Have a used mug or glass that is slightly cracked or broken? Don’t throw it away !! You can use this photo idea to make a display window on the wall of a house by using a few used mugs that have been washed clean, add some succulent plants or cactus types. Besides being easily found at an affordable price, this type of plant is very easy to maintain because it does not need to be watered often and resistant indoors.

Pot tanaman hias dari mug

Pot tanaman hias mug

Pot tanaman hias dari gelas

Do you like monochrome colors? Try this idea … you can use artificial plants or living plants. The container can use pottery pots or used tins that you paint with black, place it on a console table in the living room or family room. The green color of the leaves contrasts with the black color, making the plant elements give a strong fresh impression.

Pot tanaman hias dan hiasan

Bored with the atmosphere of the back porch like that? Let’s turn magic into instagramable photo spots by using used items such as milk cans, or unused car tires. You can paint cans as you wish, then hang up in line with several different plants.

Even old unused tires look pretty in terracotta colors so they contrast with flower colors.


Pot tanaman hias dari ban

Pot tanaman hias dari ban bekas

Have other used goods? Try to think of an idea that can make it look as interesting as a former aviary, creative right?

Pot tanaman hias unik

It turns out that used goods are not always trash, we can use them to be something beautiful and interesting. Have a try.

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