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The Phycology of Colours

August 1, 2018

Colour has an essential role in various aspects of human life and has a strong relationship with emotions. The colour of house paint can generate energy and cause certain moods or feelings, even able to express the personality of the inhabitants.

Colour is also believed to be used to heal and balance emotions, and proper application can create harmony in the space inside the house. With the selection of colours, we can also create a room with a peaceful atmosphere to relax, or a vibrant area to socialise with family members.

Are you hesitant to choose the colour of the house paint?

Although interested in utilising various colours to create a particular atmosphere at home, there are often doubts in the residents of the house to do it.

Which colours are suitable for home interiors?
Is this colour right or not for the family room?
What colour to combine with this colour?

When faced with a variety of colour choices, someone can become confused to choose colours and the combinations, and often end up to selecting a safe colour that is white and variations close to it to avoid the risk of “a wrong colour”. This world is so rich in a variety of colours, and each person has his favourite colours.

Colour Choice of Family Members

Every individual family member is unique and has different tastes related to the colour of the wall paint they want. Different desires arise from differences in personality traits or characters, including concerning their likes and activities. Indeed, it is an exciting challenge to be able to create a dwelling with harmonious colours for all family members.

The choice of colours and the decision to bring certain moods and characters to a room or the overall style of the building should be adjusted to the functions, themes, and main characters who want to be presented at home. Of course by not ignoring the needs and tastes of each family member. Remember, colours can create an impression and give a cheerful atmosphere so that the inmate of the house or guest the people who feel pleasure when they stay in the house.

3 Essential Things Before Choosing a Colour

At least, three essential things need to be considered before deciding on the colour choice in your home:

  1. Understand the primary colours you want to use so you can choose the secondary colours correctly.
  2. Knowing how to combine the right colours.
  3. Recognizing the colour character and effects that can be caused by specific colours.

By paying attention to the three things above, you will be more comfortable in determining the best colours for your home.

Colour Character

Like humans, colours also have characters that make them different from each other. Some colour tones can be uplifting, and some colours can help to make us feel relaxed.

Colour can give a strong emotional influence, can affect mood, and also represent expressions of the character of the householder. Using colours that match your personality or as needed can bring physical, mental and spiritual comfort so that it can help create harmony in the daily lives of the residents.

Scientifically it can be explained that each colour emits different wave frequencies that interact with human feelings so that it can cause a specific reaction to a person. In the world of psychology known as the colour association, which shows that there is a relationship between colour with certain emotions it causes.

By knowing the nature and character of each colour and understanding the colour association with the mood, you can implement the right house paint colour to your liking.

The Calm Colour Character

  • Consisting of elegant, soft colours can make a room has the impression of spacious, neat and modern.
  • This colour character provides a calm, serene, calming atmosphere and helps balance emotions, relieve stress, creates an efficient impression in the room.
  • This colour nuance is matched with individuals who are calm, quiet, serious and introverted.

The colours included in this group:

kombinasi warna cat rumah dengan karakter tenang

Light green
It is a colour that is full of calm, presents balance, and creates a sense of total confidence.

Faded green
Creating a calm, quiet and elegant atmosphere.

Green leaf
Ease relaxation, balance emotions, and provide a sense of comfort.

Light blue
Soothing and calming.

Pale blue
Give the impression of being light, spacious open, calm, and serene.

Navy blue
Awaken imagination, increases sensitivity, creates a feeling of calm and peace.

Reassuring, creating a calm and meditative atmosphere.

The Warm Colour Character

  • Consisting of natural colours that can bring a lively, warm, comfortable atmosphere, giving a dramatic touch or contemporary ethnic impression.
  • Generating a feeling of being intimate, warm, serene, safe and comfortable.
  • This colour nuance is suitable for individuals who are warm, simple, friendly, passionate and enthusiastic.

The colours that belong to this class of characters include:

  • Redkombinasi warna cat rumah karakter hangat
    Associated with love, life, strength, heat, and burning.
  • Brown
    Creating a feeling of safety, comfort and harmony creates a familiar atmosphere.
  • Yellow
    Interesting and can bring warmth into the room.
  • Terakota
    Warm, intimate, and gives a strong ethnic touch.
  • Orange
    Creating warmth, attracting, generating energy and joy, creating a sense of security, encouraging creativity, and increasing appetite.
  • Metallic gold
    Brings the impression of glamour and luxury.

The Fresh Colour Character

  • Consisting of fresh colours that are cheerful and young at heart, many take inspiration from nature.
  • Making the atmosphere of the room more vibrant, bright, creating an attractive, fresh and natural, and uplifting impression.
  • Generates a feeling of freshness, comfort, united with nature, vibrant, full of vitality.
  • Suitable for individuals who have an open and spontaneous personality, like to socialize, enjoy interacting with nature, do activities in the open, and love to try new things.

The colours included in fresh characters are:

  • Bluish white
    Creating a fresh and clean impression.
  • Light yellow/pastel
    Brings joy and soft impression.
  • Lemon yellow/citrus
    Brings joy and enthusiasm to socialise, activate emotions, generate energy.
  • Green leaf
    Associated with growth.
  • Lime green, Apple green
    Brings freshness and enthusiasm
  • Navy blue
    Bringing freshness, feeling relaxed
  • Bright red
    Symbolizing passion, vitality and courage.
  • Light pink/pastel
    Calms, pampers and rejuvenates, related to tenderness and freshness.

The Vibrant Colour Character

  • Consists of bright colours that are firm, contrasting, and brave.
  • Brings the impression of modern, contemporary, expressive, creates dramatic effects, and accentuates the uniqueness of space.
  • Cause feelings of freedom, arousal, concentration and self-confidence.
  • Suitable for individuals who are young at heart, lively, dynamic, full of enthusiasm, brave to express themselves, and happy to hang out.

The colours that belong to this characters are:

  • Light yellow
    Active, refreshing, young at heart.
  • Dark green
  • Greenish dark blue
  • Blue light
    Stimulate, arouse enthusiasm.
  • Solid dark blue
    Encourage, stimulate, inspire.
  • Bright red
    Active, stimulating, inspiring, generating dynamic energy, and giving a strong influence.
  • Orange lights up
    Lively, energising, generate energy and courage.
  • Old pink
    Generating energy, full of passion, creates positive and happy feelings.
  • Black and white
    Giving a strong statement gives the impression of smart and modern.

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