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Stay Roomy with Glass Partitions

October 8, 2019

Dealing with small houses is tricky, isn’t it? Limited land to build a lot of space also certainly requires no small cost, not to mention the house becomes increasingly narrow.

Now you do not need to worry, apply the following ideas so that the room remains roomy but privacy is maintained with a glass partition. Installation of this partition is relatively easy and can be made not permanent so that if you and your family feel bored, can change it at any time as you wish.

Some glass partition ideas that can be applied at home:

Glass Partitions to Regulate Air Circulation

Partisi Kaca rumah minimalis

The kitchen area sometimes emits a sharp aroma when cooking so that it can disrupt activities in other spaces. To avoid this, install a glass partition that can be shifted so that cooking activities continue to run smoothly and air circulation can be diverted directly to the kitchen window.

Glass Partitions can be Used as Walls and Doors

Dinding Partisi Kaca

Creating a room with multifunction can be a solution for homes that have limited area. Use the glass partition as a dividing wall to maintain privacy and calm without making the room seem cramped. Also pay attention to the size of the furniture and decorations that will be used to fill the room so that the sides for the road and activities are still quite roomy.

ruang tamu modern minimalis

Glass partitions have a variety of models both shaped like windows or frames, as well as partitions with sliding and folding doors. Colors and frames can be made with vertical or horizontal checkered display. The choice of models and colors can be adjusted to the theme and needs of each home with the same goal of making the atmosphere of the room seem more spacious.

dapur rumah minimalis

Glass Partition Dividing the Family and Garden Walls

Having a garden that is not too large either in front or back of the house to be used with family while drinking tea or playing is certainly very pleasant. To make it look more beautiful, the walls and doors can be replaced also by using a glass partition.

taman kecil rumah minimalis


You and your family can chat in the morning or evening, enjoy a snack while looking at the plants on the back porch without being blocked by walls. Pamper your eyes and enjoy the colorful plants in the garden while relaxing in the family room.

Lapang dengan Partisi Kaca

Inspired to have a glass partition? Choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. Also pay attention to the cleanliness of the glass so that beauty is maintained.

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