Santorini Theme For Your Home

October 8, 2019

Santorini is a small island part of the famous Greek country with beautiful views, the city is dominated by white color, surrounded by the sea and the appearance of blue sky. No wonder Santorini is a bucket list of tourist destinations for many people around the world.

warna pemandangan santorini

Beautiful view of the island of Santorini

The distinctive appearance of Santorini is that the buildings in the city are almost entirely clean white and minimalist in nuances. Among the dominance of the white building, there is also a church with a bright blue dome. Apparently, the combination of the two colors is not without reason. The white color on the outside walls of the building aims to reduce the heat of sunlight, while the blue color attached to the dome of the church is intended to give the impression of shade, because the daily air temperature in Santorini is fairly hot.

Want to decorate your home in the style of Santorini? Of course you can by using a variety of paint variants produced by Pacific Paint. Let’s see how!

Blue Fence

Santorini-style residential themes can be started from the outside of your home, the fence. Use bright blue paint from Glotex Super Synthetic Paint (SSP) that can be applied to wood or iron fences. Not only does it provide beautiful colors, Glotex SSP also keeps your fence from being moldy.

paduan warna ala santorini

The color blue on the fence and door made of wood

White and Blue Exterior

White color combined with blue will give a fresh effect. Cover the entire outside wall of the house with White (1000) paint from Metrolite Waterproofing exterior wall paint. This variant of paint is able to provide extra protection in the rainy season so you don’t have to worry about mold, mildew and flaking.

warna cat kayu

Well, as a combination, the window sills can be painted in blue G22 (with tinting process) from Glotex SSP. Not only blue on the window sills, you can also apply blue on the chairs and patio tables to harmonize.

Mediterranean-Style Interior

The atmosphere of a typical Mediterranean beach you can present with blue-themed ornaments or decorations such as the appearance of sea water or sky, such as boat-shaped decorations or paintings. The inner walls you can paint with sky blue using interior wall paint Metrolite Acrylic Emulsion with color code Atlantic Blue (731).

warna cat dinding biru

Family room with blue color such as beach or sky

warna cat tembok kamar tidur

Inspiration of the combination of white and blue color in a Santorini-style bedroom

Find a variety of white and blue variants from thousands of other Pacific Paint color collection paints and create the atmosphere of the Santorini beach in your home!
Detailed information about Pacific Paint products can be viewed on the website:


Regards colorful!

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