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I Can Without Handyman! Here’s the Easy Painting Technique

October 1, 2019

Home atmosphere getting boring? Has the wall paint not been changed in a long time? This means it’s time to choose a new wall paint color and start creating! But surely there is the thought that it will cost a lot of money to buy paint and call a handyman? Don’t worry, actually painting can be done by yourself and it certainly will save costs. Check out

the following tips on how to paint easily without a handyman.

1. Prepare the tools

To save time and energy, make sure you have prepared all the tools before you start painting such as masking tape, tape, newspaper, stairs, sandpaper, putty, large brush, small brush for narrow sections, water cans, paint tanks, and rollers.

siapkan peralatan cat dinding

2. Clean the wall

Clean the dust and dirt that sticks to the wall to produce a smooth and flat wall surface, so that the wall paint can be applied properly. Cleaning it can be done in many ways, using a sponge that has been dipped in water mixed with detergent, rub it into the wall and then let it dry. Or in other ways, namely use a vacuum cleaner, broom, or feather duster to remove dust on the wall.


3. Patch the cracks and holes in the wall

Use putty to cover the cracks and holes in the wall, then flatten the fillings with sandpaper. After that, apply a primer or primer that serves as a wall protector as well as to get the final result of painting with an even color.


4. Cover the unpainted part

Parts that do not want to be painted but are prone to spills or paint splashes should be covered using paper tape. When finished, immediately remove the paper tape before the wall paint dries so that the paint does not come off.


5. Understand the use of paint properly

Stir the paint first before using, its function so that the paint does not clot and the resulting color will be optimal. Mix the paint with clean water as much as 10% of the amount of paint used for dilution. If so, you can start painting with the zig zag technique, from top to bottom repeatedly until the wall is completely flattened and let it dry.


6. Clean and store the tools

If the painting has been completed, immediately wash the equipment with clean water and dry in the sun to dry completely so that later it can be used again.
It’s done!

The steps are easy right? So, what are you waiting for let’s paint the house independently like a handyman to get a new home atmosphere while saving costs.

Regards Colorful.

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