Elegant with a Touch of Gold

October 19, 2019

Using gold color for interior decoration is not so easy. If the use is not right or excessive, then the classy and elegant impression that is expected in the interior can be impressed tacky, even cheap. How to use the right gold color? Check out a few ideas on the application of gold for interior decorating below.

The gold color has been synonymous with glamorous interior styles such as the popular Art Deco style in medieval times. At that time and even until about 20 years ago, the gold color was considered as a symbol of prosperity and was only used in luxurious interior decoration. But today, the application of the gold color can appear more simple and modern, so that it can fit into a variety of interior design styles.

The gold color is basically quite flexible and easily combined with any color as long as it is paired with a bright white color, it will emerge an elegant and beautiful impression, neat, and present. When paired with dark colors such as black, navy blue, or maroon, the impression that appears is the impression of luxury and expensive. Another color that is also suitable paired with gold is olive green and fire brick.

The key to the application of the gold color is in how much it is applied to, so that it can still blend-in with the surrounding conditions. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the furniture material around it. Examples of materials that are still suitable for matching with gold are natural wood colored furniture so that they can neutralize the impression of glare and weight of gold color.

Just a little gold color can give a sweet touch to the complementary elements of your home’s details. For example, on door handles, or curtain railing. The use of gold color can also provide a deeper visual effect.

aksen emas untuk warna kamar tidur
a touch of gold color on the curtain rail

You can also apply the use of other gold colors to home accessories. To avoid overdoing it and becoming a focal point, use gold on accessories placed in an empty area such as a gold frame on the wall, or a golden flowerpot on the floor. Frames don’t always have to contain photos or paintings. You can also hang prints with your favorite quotes, or petite mementos – key chains for example. Unique and definitely attract attention.

Well, next, what about the gold furniture? Because of its nature that fills a room, the furniture used is also likely to be the center of attention in a room at home. The use of gold-colored furniture can be impressive and excessive. But don’t worry, because many furniture designs apply this color to certain parts such as table legs or open cabinet frames. The metal furniture is mostly designed slim so that the overall level of use of its gold color is still balanced.

aksen emas furnitur rumah
gold accents make the drawers look different

Gold Colored Walls, Yes or No?

If you want to paint the entire wall with gold color, it can be done, but the room will seem heavier, and become less elegant. Alternatively, you can make a kind of wall decoration in just one part of the wall, with a choice of lightweight gold. Choose simple motifs like geometry to keep it trendy and up to date.

Additional tips that can be applied in the use of gold is to ensure the texture of the finishing of the gold-colored product that is used in harmony, so that the room does not feel too crowded and collide with each other.

So, as long as you use the gold color properly, the interior of your home can look sleek and sophisticated. Still looks beautiful because the color function is only as an accent and supporting elements for the furniture around it. We hope you will not hesitate to decorate your home in gold color!

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