A Touch of Luxury for Home

October 1, 2019

No need to spend a lot of money and buy expensive furniture so that the house looks luxurious. Just be creative with a wall paint color palette!

Many people want their homes to look luxurious and classy. Of course, the impression of luxury cannot be obtained solely from the selection of expensive furniture. On the contrary it can be obtained with the right concept and design although simple and simple, among others, through the selection of paint colors.

paduan warna cat interior

The combination and color palette that is applied in a minimalist design room can be determined through the selection of dominant colors, complementary colors, and accent colors. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Gray and brown are dominant

Generally the color that has been considered classy is a soft color like beige. However, color trends are now beginning to change. In this millennial era, the color that is considered classy is gray. To make your home more luxurious, apply gray as the dominant color. Meanwhile, for complementary colors you can use gradations of lighter gray to white. Finally, choose bright colors like red as the accent color.

Alternatives other than gray, you can also use brown as the dominant color. For complementary, choose soil colors that also give the impression of luxury. Now, so that the room at home looks more cheerful and luxurious, mix young pastel colors as accent colors, such as bright pink pastels or soft Tosca pastel greens.

The choice of shades of gray and brown is not only classy, but will also give a comfortable impression to the residence. Accent color does not always have to appear as a color on wall paint, but it can also be applied to the color of the decoration of the room or furniture such as the color of sofas, pillows, carpets and paintings to make it stand out.

paduan warna abu-merah

The use of gray combined with red accents to make the room look classy

Pay attention to the shape and size of the room

Light that enters a room must also be considered. The more natural light from the incoming sunlight, meaning you are more free to be creative with an older or darker color tone, because the room gets a lot of lighting so it seems more spacious. Conversely, if the room lacks sunlight, use brighter colors with the addition of decorative lights so the room does not seem dark and cramped.

paduan warna dan cahaya interior

Avoid excessive decoration

So that the room looks classy, you do not need to place furniture or a variety of expensive decoration on the wall or table. Simply install one or two accessories that stand out, for example paintings on a plain wall that will attract the attention of visiting guests. It must be remembered that too much furniture even if it is expensive actually removes the classy impression of a room.

paduan cat internior kesan mewah

How, apparently to give the impression of luxury to your home, does not have to be expensive right?
Happy creation.

Regards colorful!

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