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Surpassing the first milestone was vital for Pacific Paint, it was the dawn of a dream from an Indonesian businessman only beginning his success. In the Segitiga Senen [a business center area in Central Jakarta], Achmad Suriawinata built his business in 1943 – an industry of decorative paint. Starting from a tiny manufacturer, the business has been developing for four generations. During that time, there were a number of people in the paint business that was available in the local market and only in a limited amount of stocks.

Achmad Suriawinata created his business and its work ethic since establishing Pacific Paint. He started his business through taking over a modest paint manufacturer owned by a Dutchman. At that time, the paint business was still using manually formed of panels and drums. Even to sell the products they were still using self-powered vehicles, bicycling from door to door. Selling products involved a salesperson cycling from door to door, delivering paint cans.

Years after, with the hard work and efforts, the Pacific Paint business has been growing well. Thereafter, local production tools were being introduced to support the production process and followed by involving the overseas partnerships. In 1970, the production process became much better and more efficient. One of them was having a joint venture together with Dainippon Ink & Chemical Inc developing a factory to produce synthetic resin. Afterward, Pacific Paint also made a breakthrough by setting up its own tin-packaging production. We hired chemistry experts and laboratory technicians to monitor the product quality and consistency.

In the 1970s, Pacific Paint made a remarkable achievement by gaining the license to produce paint specially made for marine vessel from a German company named “Hempel’s Marine Paint”. Moreover, we signed the license of agreement with BASF AG in Germany to produce automotive paints, and supply paints to Mercedes-Benz and BMW Indonesia.

Along with its success, Pacific Paint expanded its business, in the year of 1980-ish, Pacific Paint moved its factory to Ancol, North Jakarta, in which up to present the factory has expanded and been built both in the Tangerang and Surabaya areas. Moreover, another achievement that has been made was the collaboration with Carboline International Corporation USA, to produce paint with rust-prevention for heavy metals and supply to a prominent American oil company named “Atlantic Richfield Co” in Asia.

In the year of 1994, Pacific Paint grew exponentially due to the economic boom by achieving the ISO 9001 certification, the production efficiency standard and in turn we then started to create quality products.

Now, Pacific Paint has been passed on from four generations and has grown to become one of-the most distinguished companies in the paint production industry, with the operational coverage along the whole area of Indonesia.

Pacific Paint is one of the Indonesian companies that produce paints with a large selection of products to cater to our customers need, producing paint with protection and chemical resistance. Our products consist of the needs for home living up to the commercials usages specifically for automotive, industrial and marine. As the addition, we also produce thinners, paint removers, lacquers, sealers and enamel.

In total, Pacific Paint employs more than 500 workers. Other than owning the results from the updated researches from the expansion department, we also use the production processes from countries with cutting-edge paint formulation technologies such as America, German, Switzerland and Belgium.

We are pioneers in the paint production business, and keep on undertaking a variety of innovations such as implementing the color machines in the stores to offer the better and simple service to our customers throughout Indonesia.

Australian Computer Society (ACS) technology and QUV accelerated weathering tester have made the company unbeatable in terms of quality and consistency for all equence production steps.


Pacific Paint is not only a paint manufacturer but also prides ourselves upon the ability to provide reliable and valuable customer service for general customers as well as customers with custom needs.


To become Indonesia’s number one paint solution provider.


To provide our customers with the proper solution to their paint problems with excellent service.


Uncompromising quality. Continuous desire for improvement and efficiency. Mutual respect, trust and integrity.


  • Certified ISO 9001
  • License Agreement with BASF AG, Germany for Automotive Paint.
  • License Agreement with Carboline International Corporation, USA.
  • Top 250 Brand Award for Metrolite in 2012
  • Licensed by Transocean Marine paint, Netherlands
  • Licensed by Hempel's Marine paint, Denmark
  • Business Record for the category of a Pioneer of National Paint Industry in Indonesia.
  • MURI record for Painting the House of Worship in the most relay.
  • The Digital Marketing Social Media Award in the Wood & Iron Paint category for Glotex
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