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Pacific Paint Products

Pacific Paint creates products ranging from wall paint, wood & iron paint, and variants have been used to furnish and decorate projects such as hotels, apartments, hospitals, schools and other public facilities.

The proof of quality and superiority of all Pacific Paint products can be seen in prestigious work projects such as hotels, apartments, hospitals, schools and other public facilities, including for marine vessels.

cat tembok apartemen

Apartments & Flats

Apartment Developers and Premium Flats choose Metrolite for their exterior and interior paint.


The appearance and atmosphere of the hotel are derived from the quality of the paint without the smell and attractive colours.

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cat tembok untuk rumah toko

Office, Market & Factory

The business world uses interior paint, exterior until special paint for the industry from Pacific Paint.

Hospital &
Public Facilities

The superior quality of Metrolite’s which is safe and health-friendly paint are the reason to choose.

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The beautiful facade of the house and the comfortable interior is produced from a high-quality paint product from Pacific Paint.

Sekolah dan Kampus

Environmentally friendly and child-friendly paint products from Pacific Paint to support school and education needs.

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House of Worship & Historical-Cultural Sites

Pacific Paint paint products are used in various CS programs, colouring the nation.

Kapal Laut

The best quality iron paint products from Pacific Paint with corrosive resistant for industries are used for painting vessels.

cat besi untuk kapal laut