Pacific Paint traces its origins to a tiny factory established in 1943 by the late Mr. S. Suriawinata in Jakarta’s bustling Pasar Senen district. In those days only a single brand of imported decorative paint was available on the local market and supplies were limited. (Attached is the picture of the first office) .

Over the years, the business grew slowly. And more sophisticated locally made equipment was added to the production process. By 1970, manufacturing operations became far more sophisticated and efficient. Pacific Paint also established our own can manufacturing operation…We employed chemists and lab technicians to monitor quality and ensure product consistency.

Today, Pacific Paint has been growing through 4 generations and has become one of the largest companies in the paint manufacturing industry with operations in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

Pacific Paint is the only Indonesian company that produces a comprehensive range of paints, protective finishes and paint-related chemicals. Our products range from general household to commercial uses to specialized finishes for automotive, industrial, and marine applications. In addition, we also manufacture thinners, removers, lacquers, sealers and enamels.

Pacific Paint has a total workforce of more than 1000 employees. Besides having the most up to date Research and Development department, we also use manufacturing processes influenced from developed countries like America, Germany. Switzerland and Belgium.

We started out as the pioneer in the paint manufacturing business, and have continued to come up with innovative ways such as the implementation of tinting machines into stores to offer our customers better and easier access.

Utilization of computerized ACS and QUV technology has made the company unsurpassed in colour-matching its paint products through each successive production run.

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We teamed up with Nissho Iwai Corporation and Dainippon Ink & Chemicals Inc to set up a plant to produce synthetic resin (first in Indonesia).

We obtained the license to manufacture Marine Paints from a company in Denmark – Hempel’s Marine Paint.
We signed a licensing agreement with BASF AG in Germany to manufacture Automotive paints and to supply our paint products to the world leading manufacturers of luxury automobiles such as Mercedes Benz and BMW in Indonesia
We signed a licensing agreement with Carboline Internation Corporation, USA to manufacture heavy duty and corrosion control coatings and to supply our paint products to the American leading Oil Company, Atlantic Richfield Co. in Asia.
We obtained the license from Transocean Marine paint of Netherlands to manufacture marine paints for the marine and naval vessels of Indonesia.
We started exporting our products into overseas markets in Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia.
We were awarded the ISO 9002 certification, the world’s most widely recognized standards of production efficiency and product quality.
We opened a branch in Solo but has since been combined with the branch in Jogja since 2013
A sister company called Penta Ocean was founded and started being operational as a branch of Pacific Paint in 2012
We finally opened a branch in Semarang after having an agent there since the 90s
We opened a branch in Jogja(June), and Purwokerto(June). We also opened another sister company called Home Depot Indonesia
We opened branches in Bali(Juli), Lampung(Juni), Kapuk (May), Cirebon(Juni), Jember(Juni), Karawang(Aug), Kediri(Juni), Makassar(Juni), Palembang(Juni), Banjarmasin(June), Bengkulu(2012), Jambi(Juni), Padang(Juni), Kendari(Juni), Ambon(June) Pekanbaru(June), Jember(June), Tasikmalaya(June), Tegal(June) and Malang(June), Bandung(Juni), Daan Mogot(May), Medan(June)

Pondok Kopi(Juni), Bogor(Aug), Palu(Nov)

We moved to our new factory in Tangerang and a branch in Bangka Belitung